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JZ356A Overview

The JZ356A leverages 802.11ax capabilities to cater to multiple clients at the same time and give priority to various types of traffic. This approach enhances data rates for both specific applications and devices, as well as for the entire network.


Quick Specs

Table 1 shows the Quick Specs.

Product CodeJZ356A
Frequency Band2.40 GHz

5 GHz

Wireless LAN Standard   802.11ax
Bluetooth Standard 


Bluetooth 5
Ethernet Technology5 Gigabit Ethernet

2.5 Gigabit Ethernet

Product Dimensions (imperial)     2.3 x 10.2 x 10.2 in

Product Details

Top-tier Performance

  • The Aruba 550 Series Campus Access Points, equipped with 802.11ax technology, efficiently handle multiple clients simultaneously, elevating data rates for individual devices and the entire system.
  • Employing multi-user transmission through downlink and uplink Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA), these access points amplify user data rates and diminish latency, especially beneficial for numerous devices with short frames or low data-rate necessities, such as voice and IoT devices.
  • The multi-user capability coupled with downlink multi-user MIMO enhances network capacity by enabling multiple devices to transmit concurrently.
  • Aruba’s ClientMatch technology autonomously endeavors to cluster 802.11ax capable devices onto available AP radios with comparable capabilities, maximizing the advantages of OFDMA. Consequently, this results in escalated network performance and an augmentation of network capacity.
  • In the optional tri-radio operating mode, the 5GHz radio segregates into two autonomous 4×4 MIMO radios, each supporting up to four spatial streams. This configuration allows for an even greater number of concurrently connected client devices.

Intelligent Power Management

  • The Aruba 550 Series Campus Access Points encompass Aruba Intelligent Power Monitoring (IPM), facilitating a gradual transition of switching by enabling APs to function even if there’s insufficient Power over Ethernet (PoE) power.
  • This feature enables continuous monitoring and reporting of the AP’s actual power consumption, empowering optional autonomous decisions to deactivate specific capabilities based on available power to the unit.
  • Aruba’s Smart PoE empowers the existing infrastructure to supply power to APs. It permits configuring two PoE ports to aggregate their power for increased availability or utilizing one as a redundant PoE power source.
  • With higher-performance 802.11ax access points demanding more power, the Aruba NetInsight Green AP feature allows the 550 series access points to consume less power during idle periods, such as evenings when buildings are vacant.

IoT and Location Readiness

  • The Aruba 550 Series Campus Access Points offer distinctive advantages for IoT devices, featuring dedicated channels in OFDMA for simultaneous, low-latency transmission of IoT connections, along with power-saving options like Target Wake Time (TWT) to preserve battery life.
  • This series supports an integrated Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) and Zigbee radio, alongside a USB port, ensuring enhanced flexibility, better security, and reliable connectivity for IoT devices and the implementation of location-based services

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HPE JZ356A – Aruba AP555 Access Point


Aruba AP-555 (RW) Dual Radio 8×8:8 / 4×4:4 802.11ax Internal Antennas Unified Campus AP


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