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ISR4331-V/K9 Overview

The Cisco ISR4331-V/K9 Voice bundle is expertly tailored for small to mid-size enterprise branch settings, delivering advanced VOIP services and an unparalleled level of WAN intelligence. It combines 2 dual-mode Gigabit Ethernet ports and PVDM4 DSP for voice and video services, alongside two network modules, an integrated services card slot, and a service module slot. This configuration allows for the addition of a Gigabit Ethernet switch or a Cisco UCS e-series single blade server module to support virtualized applications.

The platform offers comprehensive support for the OnePK software development kits, fostering mutual awareness between networks and applications. Furthermore, it provides native application visibility and control directly on the router, enabling the measurement of user experience without relying on external probes.

Performance is a cornerstone for enabling advanced branch services or expanding across the enterprise. With IOS XE and dedicated control, data, and service CPUs, this platform stands unparalleled in the industry. The ISR4331 offers on-demand performance ranging from 100Mbps to 300Mbps, featuring a pay-as-you-grow model where forwarding capacity can be increased as needed. This ensures that the platform’s performance scales in sync with your business requirements, allowing payment solely for the required performance.

Security is integral to ISR solutions, offering access to the most advanced encryption platforms in the market. This includes IPsec, SSL VPN, and flex VPN, with support for next-generation encryption standards. The Cisco 4331 serves as the ultimate application delivery platform for mid-size branch offices, essentially redefining the paradigm of routing.


Quick Specs

Table 1 shows the Quick Specs.

Product CodeISR4331-V/K9
Aggregate Throughput100 Mbps to 300 Mbps
Total onboard WAN or LAN 10/100/1000 ports3
RJ-45-based ports2
SFP-based ports2
Enhanced service-module (SM-X) slot1
NIM (Network Interface Modules) slots2
Onboard ISC slot1
Memory4 GB (default) / 16 GB (maximum)
Flash Memory4 GB (default) / 16 GB (maximum)
Power-supply optionsInternal: AC and PoE
Rack height1 RU
Dimensions (H x W x D)44.45 x 438.15 x 438.15 mm
Package Weight12.96 Kg

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Cisco ISR4331-V/K9 (3GE,2NIM,1SM,4G FLASH,4G DRAM, Voice Bundle)


100Mbps-300Mbps system throughput, 3 WAN/LAN ports, 2 SFP ports, multi-Core CPU,1 service module slots, Security, Voice.


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